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About Softbabytowels.com

I’m Edward Marquard, an entrepreneur who just started Softbabytowels.com.

I am very excited to introduce Softbabytowels.com, an online store specializing in selling pillowcases.

You may ask why I chose pillowcases as my business venture?

Actually, the idea came from my own experience as a father.

When I was buying pillowcases for my kids, I noticed a lack of high-quality, safe, comfortable and fun pillowcases on the market.

I wanted to provide a solution for other parents to let their children sleep with peace of mind while having fun and surprises.

Therefore, I decided to create this online store to provide high quality pillowcases for children.

At Softbabytowels.com, I carefully select a variety of various high-quality pillowcases for people to choose from.

I hope that this online store can convey a concept of care and concern for children’s health.

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